homepage-doctorCentral Florida Heart Center is at the center of all your heart care needs. The staff and facilities provide state-of-the-art cardiac care with the patient’s comfort in mind. CFHC is a regional referral center trusted for years by referring physicians and patients of North Central Florida.

CFHC’s provides a full-service medical complex devoted to comprehensive cardiac care and circulatory disorders, from patient management and consultations to sophisticated non-invasive and invasive diagnostic procedures.

  • Cardiovascular medicine diagnosis and treatment
  • Cardiac, carotid, and abdominal aorta ultrasound
  • Nuclear stress testing
  • 24-Hour Holter Monitoring and event recording
  • Pacemaker and implantable defribillator (AICD) testing and evaluation
  • Outpatient cardiac catheterization
  • Coronary, carotid, and peripheral angiography
  • Chest x-rays
  • Electrocardiograms
  • VNUS RF Ablation
  • Lipid Clinic

Central Florida Heart Center is pleased to announce opening Lipid Clinic by Dr Erum Jiva DNP, Clinic Lipid Specialist

For more information please call 352-873-9557

Erum Jiva, ARNP

Dr. Erum Jiva initiated first lipid clinic in Ocala. It is the only medical practice in the Ocala devoted exclusively to cholesterol disorders. Dr Jiva is certified by the Accreditation Council for Clinical Lipidology (ACCL). She works with patients and doctors in creating individual treatment plans. They include advanced blood test, the most effective medications (including alternatives to statins) and dietary counseling.

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